About Anna and Nils-Arne Törnlöv

Anna and Nils-Arne Törnlöv

The breeders behind the name Rusch are Anna and Nils-Arne Törnlöv. They both live lives full of dogs:

Anna Törnlöv

Anna got her first dog, a black miniature poodle, in 1959 after years of nagging on her parents. Since then the dogs have become the devotion of her life and Anna now spends all her time breeding and showing poodles and clipping and trimming all breeds. She also judges poodle, the polar dog breeds, english setter, pointer, the schnauzer-pinscher breeds, jämthund, norwegian elkhound (gråhund), swedish vallhund (västgötaspets), welsh corgi pembroke and welsh corgi cardigan.
For Swedish readers: Anna är ombud för if... djurförsäkring. Anna är även auktoriserad IDmärkare för hund och katt samt auktoriserad IDkontrollant och chipmärkare för häst.

Nils-Arne started with greenland dogs, then came (more city-suitable) welsh corgi pembrokes and his first own litter in his mother's flat in 1969. The corgi interest resulted in 33 bred champions. Today Nils-Arne breeds poodles with Anna and judges about 70 breeds in the FCI-groups 1, 2, 5, 8 and 9.

The photo is from The Best of the Best in South Africa 2002 with Nils-Arne och Andrew Brace judging. Photo Michele Colborne, copyright Lasting Image Photography.

Nils-Arne Törnlöv
Ch Flåsmyrens Basqi

Through the years the Törnlöv family has also included some cocker spaniels, a german shepherd, a shih-tzu, a pointer, a pug and a number of greenland dogs.

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